Number 62 High Street has been part of the lifeblood of Waddesdon village life, providing hairdressing services for over 60 years. Affinity Hair Design takes that tradition and sets to write a brand new chapter.

2018 saw the proud re-launch of our salon. 'Affinity Hair Design'.

With a new look also came a new team, the joining of five extremely experienced stylists Dawn Green, Natalie Pretty, Charlotte Chapman, Zoe Nolan and Debbie Fenton. With over 140 years combined experience, their energy and passion for hair is apparent in every client they work with. 

Naming the Salon was an arduous process. We didn't want to 'tow the line' and be like one of many 'ultra modern' franchise Salons on the High Street, yet we wanted a simple, clean term to describe who we are. This is where 'Affinity' was born.

The girls found the most enjoyable part of the job is the affinity they have with their clients. The relationship, trust and ongoing friendships from being their stylists trumped every other part of the job. Where better than to display it over the door.

We invite you to come down and join us, be it for a cup of tea and a hello to a full on re-style, and allow us to develop an ongoing affinity with you as we give you the best look out there.

Come on in. The Kettle's on.

Our Story



 ​"Wonderful! I came in for a consult as i was after a certain look and didn't know if it was possible. After a long discussion they set to work on the style i wanted and two hours later i can honestly say my hair hasn't looked better! Thank you Thank you!xxxx " 

Gina Murray, Bicester, Feb 2019


Affinity Hair Design
62 High Street
Waddesdon, HP18 0JD

AFFINITY HAIR: (01296) 658875

EMERALD BEAUTY: 07746 309784

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